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Do you know automatic glue dispensers?

Understanding the HEG Lighting automatic glue dispenser allows you to have a deeper understanding of how to precisely control the amount of glue dispensing during the production process of automotive LED headlights, improving product quality while reducing costs.

Typically, the driver for automotive LED headlights requires glue dispensing to ensure each electronic component is fully wrapped and firmly fixed. According to the experience of domestic and foreign manufacturers, the optimal amount for LED light driver glue dispensing is between 10-20g, generally depending on the size of the LED headlight driver. After undergoing glue dispensing treatment, the product achieves moisture and waterproofing effects, and the glue’s good thermal conductivity efficiently dissipates heat generated by electronic components within the driver, ensuring that the driver operates normally and stably.

However, most factories in the industry still use manual glue dispensing methods, which have the disadvantages of inconsistencies in glue dispensing quantity and uniformity and higher failure rates. To address these issues, our factory has developed an automatic glue dispenser based on years of experience.

Compared with other factories’ manual glue dispensing methods, our automatic glue dispenser has the following advantages:

Firstly, the automatic glue dispenser can precisely control the amount and uniformity of glue dispensing, avoiding problems caused by insufficient labor or errors leading to over-dispensing or under-dispensing. It is also more accurate, reliable, and stable.

Secondly, the automatic glue dispenser significantly improves production efficiency while ensuring product quality, leading to much faster production speeds than traditional manual glue dispensing methods.

Finally, the automatic glue dispenser possesses powerful intelligent recognition technology, which can meet the product demands of different sizes and models, thus achieving efficient and low-cost production goals.

In summary, our automatic glue dispenser has significant advantages such as high efficiency, high precision, stable quality, and simple operation. These advantages not only bring about improved production benefits but also provide customers with high-quality, highly reliable, and efficient solutions, making our factory continuously develop in the market competition and gaining customer trust and praise.


Over passed 15 years, We has been devoted to car lighting R & D, production and sales.

Our fully integrated enterprise operates from a well-equipped factory spanning over 6,000 square meters in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with an advanced ERP information management platform, a skilled workforce of over 300 production line workers.

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