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How we verify whether our new products meet the standards?

Explore the Rigorous Testing Process of the D-Series Led Products.

Let’s take a closer look at the testing process of the D-Series products!

1.Advantages of LED over HID

The original car uses ballasts and xenon lamps, but their lifespan is typically short, ranging from 2 to 5 years. However, by choosing our LED lights as replacements, the lifespan can be significantly extended to over 10 years, perfectly replacing the original HID car lights. After hundreds of tests and matches, we have successfully developed the optimal design solution for the D-Series LED headlights.

2.Electrical Parameter Testing

Our primary task is to conduct electrical parameter testing. Using waveform testing equipment, we connect our LED lights to hundreds of original ballasts to ensure that the electrical parameters and waveforms are identical to the original car lights. By observing the waveforms displayed on the screen, we ensure that the startup waveform and stable waveform match those of the original car lights. Each ballast has a unique waveform, but don’t worry! Our LED headlights are equipped with a built-in controller that can recognize the required electrical parameters for each ballast and simulate the operation of the original car lights. Additionally, we have designed four decoding modes to address compatibility issues.

3.Other Parameter Testing

In addition to electrical parameters, we also conduct voltage, power, and temperature testing. This means that our LED headlights must match the startup waveform, stable waveform, voltage, power, and temperature of the original car lights. Essentially, we simulate the parameters of the original car lights, ensuring that the car’s system recognizes our LED lights as the original car lights and avoids any error reports.

4.High-Temperature Environment Simulation Testing

To push the limits, we subject the car lights to simulated testing in an 80°C oven, also known as destructive testing. The new products undergo continuous testing in the oven for 8 days to verify their compliance with standards. After the bulb stabilizes, the temperature meter connected to the oven displays the operating environment temperature and lamp body temperature. This effectively simulates the temperature environment when the car lights are installed in the assembly.

5.Size, Shape, and Brightness Advantages

Our products not only match the electrical parameters of the original HID lights but also have the same size and shape, facilitating easy installation. Moreover, our products provide double brightness compared to the original ones!

Through these rigorous testing processes, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and provide you with excellent solutions for car lighting.

Providing Innovative Lighting Solutions for a Brighter World!  —HEG Lighting


Over passed 15 years, We has been devoted to car lighting R & D, production and sales.

Our fully integrated enterprise operates from a well-equipped factory spanning over 6,000 square meters in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with an advanced ERP information management platform, a skilled workforce of over 300 production line workers.

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