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P28-1157-45SMD-3030 super bright car LED brake bulb with built-in decoding turn signal reversing tail light

2023 Car LED Bulb P28-1157-45SMD-3030 12V 16V Vehicle Car Accessory LED Turning Reversing Light


2, Power:25W/28W


4,Working Voltage: 12-16V

5,Lumen: 3500LM/bulb


7.Color Temp: 6000-6500K

8, Warranty: 2 years

Product Description

P28-1157-45SMD-3030 Auto LED Bulb,New Choice for Automotive Lighting

1. Aviation aluminum material

Excellent heat dissipation performance, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the lamp beads, extend their life, and have strong durability.

2. SMD-3030 LED chip

45 single 1.5W high-power high-brightness 3030 lamp beads make the light brighter and more uniform, with better lighting effects, effectively improving night vision, ensuring safe driving, and providing users with a more comfortable lighting experience.

3. Intelligent decoding driver IC

Built-in intelligent decoding driver IC, anti-stroboscopic, decoding rate as high as 99%, easily solves the problem of traditional LED brake lights not decoding; compatible with the original car circuit, no need to change the wiring, and can match 99% of the models on the market.

4. High-efficiency cooling fan

Efficient heat dissipation ensures stable operation of the lights, while effectively reducing the operating temperature of the lamp beads and extending their service life.

5. Non-polarity design

Traditional halogen bulbs require wiring and are complicated to install, while the P28-1157-45SMD-3030 LED bulb adopts a non-polarity design, non-destructive installation, plug-and-play, and easy installation.


P28-1157-45SMD-3030 LED Bulb is the ideal choice for your car light bulb upgrade. It adopts a number of advanced technologies and has the advantages of high brightness, anti-stroboscopic, intelligent decoding, excellent heat dissipation performance, and easy installation. Overall, these features work together to provide drivers with an exceptional lighting solution that delivers improved visibility, safety, and performance on the road.


Product parameters:

Model No: P28-1157-45SMD-3030 Power: Initial:28W, Stable:25W, Daylight:16W
current: 2.4A LED Type:  LED Brake Tail Turning Lights
Chips: SMD 3030(1.5W)*45PCS Lumen: 3500LM/bulb
Working Voltage: DC12-16V Application Temp: -40℃~+85℃
Real lifespan: >30,000 hours Usage:  Brake,Tail ,reversing,Turning Lights
Driver: Internal Color Temp: 6000-6500K
Waterproof Rating: IP65 Warranty: 2 years


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