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Customized Toyota Highlander specific car led headlamp

1, Power:45W/bulb
2, LED Beam: 2*GC3570
3, Working Voltage:9-30V
4, Beam Angle:330°
5, Current:3.7A±0.5A
6, Lumen:9000LM/set
7, Color temperature: 6500K
8, Working temperature: -40℃~+80℃
9, Cooling type: fan
10, Driver: External
11, Warranty: 2 years
Specially designed for the Toyota Highlander

Product Description

Features of this headlight include:

Specifically designed as a customized style for the Toyota Highlander. This means that it will have an appearance and size perfectly matched to the Highlander’s assembly.

1. Single copper tube:

This design utilizes a single copper tube as the heat dissipation system. Copper has excellent thermal conductivity, effectively transferring the generated heat from the LED light source and dissipating it quickly into the surrounding environment. The single copper tube design helps improve heat dissipation efficiency, ensuring stable operating temperatures for the LED lights, thereby extending their lifespan and maintaining optimal performance.

2. Phosphor bronze plate:

Phosphor bronze is used as the circuit board material. It possesses outstanding electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, efficiently transmitting both current and heat. By using phosphor bronze plates as the base material for the circuit board, it provides reliable electrical connections and assists in transferring heat from the LED light source to the heat dissipation system, further enhancing heat dissipation efficiency.

3. Aerospace aluminum:

Aerospace-grade aluminum is applied in the overall structural manufacturing. It features lightweight, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. Using aerospace aluminum as the material helps reduce the weight of the headlights while ensuring structural strength and durability. Additionally, aerospace aluminum also exhibits good heat dissipation characteristics, contributing to further improving the overall heat dissipation effectiveness of the headlights.

These features work together to provide exceptional heat dissipation performance, reliable electrical connections, and a lightweight structure. This design helps ensure stable operating temperatures during the use of the headlights, prolongs their lifespan, and delivers outstanding illumination effects.

Prouduct Parameter:

Model No: Highlander Power: 45W/per bulb
LED Quantity: 2*GC3570 Chips: 3570 55MIL*6
Working Voltage: 9-30V Beam Angle: 330°
Current: 3.7A±0.5A Lumen: 9000LM/set
Driver: Internal Color Temp: 6,000~6,500K
Application Temp: -40℃~+85℃ Usage: Headlamp
Real lifespan: >30,000 hours Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE&Rohs Waterproof Rating: IP65
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