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P150 New High Power 150W Led Headlamps from HEG manufacturer

2,LED Beam: 2PCS 7045
3,Working Voltage:12V
4,Beam Angle:330°
7,Color temperature: 6500K
8,Working temperature: -40℃~+80℃
9,Cooling type: fan
10,Driver: External
11,Warranty: 2 years

Product Description

The latest Auto Car LED high-power 150W P150 headlight.

1. Power Upgrade

We have incorporated the latest high-power LED bulb technology to provide you with increased brightness and extended illumination distance. Drivers will experience brighter and clearer road lighting, enhancing driving safety.

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2. Dual-sided imported lamp beads

The P150 utilizes double-sided imported 80mil LED chips measuring 70mm*45mm, which are twice the size of regular chips, enabling wider light projection and more uniform illumination. When driving at night, you can clearly see the road conditions, enhancing driving safety.

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3. Dual L-shaped copper pipes

The dual L-shaped copper tube structure possesses outstanding heat conduction and dissipation capabilities, swiftly transferring heat from the bulb to the cooling fins and maximizing contact area for efficient heat dissipation. This ensures stable operation of high-power headlights over extended periods.

4. Fin-style heat dissipation

The product is equipped with a fin-style heat dissipation design, which efficiently improves heat dissipation efficiency and keeps the bulb operating at a lower temperature. This helps prevent bulb overheating, prolongs its lifespan, and ensures consistent and stable performance.

5. Dual ball-bearing fan

Integrated with dual ball bearing fans, the cooling performance is enhanced, allowing the headlights to remain stable even under high load conditions.

2023 New Auto Led Headlamp and Latest Car LED High Power 150W P150


6. Customizable Wattage Options

The brand-new HEG P150 headlights can be customized to different wattages based on your requirements, catering to diverse market demands. You have the option to choose between two wattage selections: an initial power of 150W with a stable power of 100W, or an initial power of 70W with a stable power of 55W.

2023 New Auto Led Headlamp and Latest Car LED 150W P150


7.Exquisite packaging




These features collectively provide drivers with an outstanding lighting solution, delivering brighter, clearer, and more stable illumination. Whether driving at night or in complex road conditions, our product will provide you with a safe and reliable lighting experience.

Product Parameters:

Model No: P150 Power: 150W/ bulb
LED Quantity: 2PCS 7045 Chips: 7045 80mil*6
Working Voltage: 12V Beam Angle: 330°
Current: 12.5A±0.5A Lumen: 28000LM/set
Driver: External Color Temp: 6,000~6,500K
Application Temp: -40℃~+85℃ Usage: Headlamp
Real lifespan: >30,000 hours Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE&Rohs Waterproof Rating: IP65
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