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T10-8SMD-2016 LED bulbs Canbus Parking Wedge Clearance Lights License Plate Lights Reading Lamps.

1, Models: T10-8SMD-2016
2, Wattage: 1.5 W/bulb
3, Current: 120MA
4, Voltage: DC10-30V
5, Lumens: 150LM/bulb
6, Chip: 8× 2016 SMD Chips
7, Oprating temperature: -40℃~80℃
8, Canbus: Yes
9, Lifetime: 30,000 hours
10, Warranty:2 years
11, Color: 6000K White/Red/Amber/Blue/ Yellow/ Green

Product Description

Car LED Bulb T10-8SMD-2016 All-in-one Design Parking Wedge Clearance Light Features

1. Integrated Design

The T10-8SMD-2016 features an integrated design with a standard interface, non-polarity, plug and play functionality, making it easy to install.

2. 8*2016 SMD Chips

Our products utilize high-quality 2016 LED chips, resulting in a lower temperature and emitting extremely bright light. With improved luminous efficiency, you can expect brighter illumination and energy-saving benefits.

3. High-quality PVC Material and Hollow Design

Crafted from high-quality PVC material and featuring a hollow design, our product offers excellent heat dissipation performance, ensuring the safety and longevity of the bulb.

4. Constant Current IC Driver

Equipped with constant current IC driver, the T10-8SMD-2016 delivers stable performance by providing a steady electric current input. This protects the circuit effectively, prevents short circuits, and ensures consistent performance.


Product Parameter:

Model No: T10-8SMD-2016 Power: 1.5W/bulb
currents(MA): 120MA Canbus: yes
Chips: 2016 SMD*8 Lumen: 150LM /bulb
Working Voltage: DC10-30V Application Temp: -40~+80
Real lifespan: >30,000 hours Color Temp: 6000K
Color: White/Red/Amber/Blue/ Yellow/ Green Warranty: 2 years
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