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T8 Safety and Aesthetics Three Color Auto LED Headlight

HEG Lighting Superior Performance Car LED Headlamps T8 Specifications:


2,LED Beam: 2*3570

3,Working Voltage:12V

4,Beam Angle:330°



7, Color temperature: 6500K

8, Working temperature: -40℃~+85℃

9, Warranty: 2 years

Product Description

Ultimate performance headlight bulb

1.Three Color Headlights

To accommodate different driving environments and user needs, this LED headlight offers three color light options. Users can freely switch between white, yellow, and warm white light based on road conditions and weather. This diverse lighting choice not only enhances driving safety at night but also adds a personalized and stylish touch to the vehicle.

2.Aerospace Aluminum

Made from high-density aerospace aluminum, this headlight is sturdy and durable with excellent heat dissipation performance. It effectively reduces the headlight’s temperature, thereby extending the product’s lifespan.

3.Dual Ball Bearing Fan

Equipped with a dual ball bearing fan, our LED headlights operate low noise while effectively dissipating heat, ensuring reliable and stable performance.

4.Single Copper Tube

This design employs a single copper tube as part of the cooling system. Copper has excellent thermal conductivity, effectively transferring the heat generated by the LED light source and quickly dissipating it into the surrounding environment.

5.Premium Copper Board

Equipped with premium copper plate,it promotes enhanced heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance in all weather conditions. This prolongs its lifespan and maintains consistent brightness.

These features collectively provide excellent heat dissipation performance,reliable electrical connections, and a lightweight structure. This design ensures the headlight operates at a stable temperature during use, extends its lifespan, and delivers outstanding lighting performance.


Product Parameter:

Model No: T8 Power: 50W/bulb
LED Quantity: 2*3570 Chips: 3570  55mil*12
Working Voltage: 12V Beam Angle: 330°
Current: 4A±0.5A Lumen: 10000LM/set
Driver: external Color Temp: 6,000~6,500K
Application Temp: -40℃~+85℃ Usage: Headlamp
Waterproof Rating: IP65 Real lifespan: >30,000 hours
Certification: CE&Rohs Warranty: 2 years
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